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Q. What is a Secure Flash Drive?

A Secure Flash Drive gives security-conscious users a reliable way to transport sensitive information. A secure flash drive can also be known as an Encrypted Stick or a secure USB drive, and are designed for secure storage and portable applications. Some Flash Drives have lots of memory storage sometimes up to 64GB (this figure is always on the increas!!) so you can store a life time of data but if preferred there a lower capacity levels starting at just 1GB for people who don’t need as much storage but definitely require the security.

Companies are at risk when sensitive data is stored on an unsecured USB that are used by employees that use the device outside the office. There are consequences for using unsecured USB’s especially for businesses because if their customer data, financial information, business plans and confidential information is lost or stolen they are at risk of being fined and a damaged reputation.

Q. Why Do I Need A Secure Flash Drive?

For users of secure flash drives there main needs are: security (how much their data will be protected and how likely it will be for anyone other than the intended user to get a hold of), availability (which computers and USB ports the flash drive can be used in or is it a USB-ON THE GO), storage (how much data can be secured onto flash drive all products starting at with 1GB memory ranging up to 64GB).The best types of secure flash drives are those with hardware encryption and official, third party certification.

Q. What is the difference between Hardware and Software Encryption?

USB encryption software, although effective, is a software program like any other software program. As such, it can be hacked into the same way that computer games and windows programs are hacked every day. This hacking isn’t easy, but a well created software program does have the ability to be unlocked by skilled programmers.

USB encryption software also has the ability to be rewound – that is, returned to a backed up state so that any password you may have created recently or after you had stored your files can be removed as if it had never been installed. Again, it is a difficult process, but one that is open to an individual’s hacking attempts.

Hardware based data encryption, on the other hand, have safeguards that prevent both the internal hardware and software from being removed. For example, some USB drives have internal counters that are not set by the user, so they cannot be removed or reset. Once someone enters an incorrect password too many times, the files contained in the USB drive are permanently frozen, and essentially deleted. This means that without the password a person will not be able to continually try to guess it without risking permanent deletion of all the files contained on the drive.

Similarly, software encryption tends to depend on a file that is physically on the pen drive in order to save the password and its algorithm. Skilled computer hackers can download the file and solve the algorithm by using computer “bots” to simultaneously try to guess the password, until the algorithm has been broken.

Hardware USB encryption, on the other hand, will not connect itself to a computer until the password has been given, making it impossible to download the file without already knowing the password.

Q. How can I make a payment and what are the delivery terms and conditions?

For more information on making a payment and deliveries please visit the Payment & Delivery Info Page.

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