Q. What is the difference between Imation Defender H200 and an Imation Defender H100?

The Defender H100 was designed for organizations that need high-capacity, secure storage on an encrypted USB drive. This compact, portable hard drive can carry large amounts of data, when enabled with the MXI Stealth Zone platform. The Imation Defender H200 combines all the security of the Imation Defender H100 with added biometric (fingerprint) authentication technology.

Q. Is there any way for Imation to recover data from a Defender device or other flash drive?
Imation cannot recover any private data from a device. Your only option to handle situations like this is to implement a key backup system.

Q. What should I do after I insert an Imation Flash Drive into the USB port?

Once an Imation flash drive is connected to the USB port, the system will recognize and initialize the device. Once the computer has connected the device, the drive will appear as an additional storage device on the system which can then be used exactly like a hard disk. Macintosh users will find the icon on their Desktop or it can be accessed in the Finder icon.

Q. Do I need to format my Imation Flash Drive before using it?

The Imation Flash Drive comes formatted and ready to use.

Q. Why does the “Device Removal” message appear during biometric Logon on my Mac machine?
For the Defender products, if the Mac happens to be polling the USB bus at the time of the biometric Logon operation, this message may appear. Simply close the window and proceed.

Q. How should I take care of my Imation Flash Drive?
Take appropriate precautions with your drive, just as you would with any non-portable piece of equipment. Avoid dropping the drive, getting it wet, shaking it, or storing it in very hot or cold conditions. We suggest that you use the lanyard or key ring supplied with your drive to carry and store the Imation Flash Drive. Other methods of carrying the drive, for example on a key chain, are not covered under warranty and may result in breakage to the lanyard coupling.


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