Q. Will the PS/2 Keyloggers work on USB keyboards with special adapters?

Generally not. In most cases you need a USB keylogger for USB keyboards.

Q. Can I retrieve logged data on a different computer than it was recorded?

Of course! This is the whole sense of it.

Q. Can you connect and disconnect the keylogger when power is up?

For PS/2 key loggers theoretically not (however we haven't heard about any damage so far). For the USB key logger it's OK to hot-plug the keyboard and logger.

Q. Which version do I need?

If you just need to efficiently monitor a USB keyboard, the standard KeyGrabber Nano is the proper choice. If a wireless network is available, you can take advantage of the KeyGrabber Nano Wi-Fi and access the keylogger remotely over the Internet. Both versions are available for USB keyboards only, with a choice of black and white casing.

There is also an enhanced version of this product available, named the KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium. This version is available both for USB and PS/2 keyboards, and incorporates 2 Gigabytes of memory and a built-in time-tracking module.

Q. Is this legal?
Technically speaking, you should contact a lawyer to get detailed information about the local laws, and the application for which you intend to use this device for. Generally it's permitted to monitor your own computer, meaning you can watch what your kids and family are doing on the computer. If you want to monitor your employees, or perform any other type of surveillance, you should display a clear notice about this fact. It is obviously NOT LEGAL to use this device for any type spying, or stealing confidential data.

KeyGrabber Module: Please Note We do not take any responsibility for the following events:

  • Damage to the KeyGrabber Module, Keyboard, or Computer caused by incorrect installation or misuse
  • Loss of warranty for the keyboard or computer
  • Any other damage or harm caused by not following the installation instructions
  • Failure of installation by user

The instructions and images are for example only. The internal keyboard component and cable layout may vary for different keyboard producers. Especially, make sure there is enough space inside the keyboard for the KeyGrabber Module.

General: The important thing to remember about keyloggers are that they sit between the tower/desktop unit by plugging into the USB (or PS2) socket and the keyboard cable plugged into the keylogger recording all information sent by the keyboard. They do not work with laptops and may not work with systems that are factory built with wireless keyboards - Where / how would you plug the device in ??


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