Q. I do not have access to the user guide pre-loaded on my flash-drive, how can I download another?

If you are a current user of a LOK-IT device and would like a copy of the User Guide Click here…LOK-IT FIPS Certified Drive – LOK-IT Non FIPS Drive

Q. On what platforms or operating systems does LOK-IT work?

LOK-IT is completely cross-platform. The drives work with, and are interchangeable between all versions of Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Citrix and Android.

Q. What kind of encryption does LOK-IT use?

A LOK-IT device uses Military-grade 256-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) CBC (Cypher-Block Chaining) hardware encryption. The encryption is handled within the internal encryption controller (hardware) and is not performed with software.

Q. Will LOK-IT work with other devices that have a USB interface?

YES, your LOK-IT device is authenticated prior to its connection to a USB interface and will therefore work on any device. LOK-IT will also work on any USB-on-the-GO such as Smartphones and Tablets. Any other kind of secure USB need to be authenticated in software and therefore can only be used on a computer.

Q. What is the difference between the two LOK-IT devices available?

The LOK-IT is available in two different models, the SDG003FM and the SDG005M. Each of these is available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. The SDG003FM is specifically suited for organizations that require the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification, since this model has achieved NIST certification. The SDG005M uses the same hardened anodized aluminum case and incorporates the same security policies as the SDG003FM, but this model does not have the formal certification making it a few pounds cheaper!

Q. Are there any ongoing costs with LOK-IT?

Only a one time purchase is necessary. An advantage of using a LOK-IT device is that there is never any software to update or maintain.

Q. Do you have any further Product Information?

Yes, please click the following links to download: PRODUCT GUIDE | TECHNICAL OVERVIEW | USEABILITY

Q. How can I purchase LOK-IT?

LOK-IT can either be purchased directly on this site, or if you are looking for larger quantity (and better pricing) or Trade Sales please contact us directly by telephone (UK) 0844 848 8038 (ask for LOK-IT Sales) or via email or visit our dedicate LOK-IT site


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