Q. Will my Crypto MAC work in a Windows PC?

The Integral Crypto MAC is only compatible with MACs. It will not work in a Windows PC. (There are Integral Crypto USB Drives available for Windows PCs only).

Q. What type of encryption does Crypto Drive, Courier Security Editions use? Software or hardware based?

Integral Crypto Drive and Courier Security Edition all use hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt your data.

Integral Titan Models use Software based encryption.

Q. Whenever I plug in my USB Flash Drive into the USB port I get the message “Hi-Speed device plugged into non-high speed device”

Each USB device (such as an Integral USB Flash Drive) that you plug into a PC or Mac draws power from the system. Each device draws the power consumption that it needs to operate. Each device is slightly different in what power it draws.

  1. If you use a USB hub so that you can plug in many USB devices, then this will also be quite a drain on the power from the PC/Mac. The more USB devices you have, the more power you are drawing from the PC/Mac and there will come a cutoff point where the PC/Mac cannot output enough power to support all the devices.
  2. We suggest that if you are connecting a USB hub to attach more USB devices to your PC/Mac then you will need to independently power the USB hub (e.g. plug into mains power) so that it will have sufficient power for all USB devices attached to it.

Q. What is “Intelligent Protection”?

Intelligent Protection means data stored on your device will be automatically erased after 10 failed access attempts. The drive can then be reset and will be ready for new use.

Q. What are system requirements?

  • A USB port (USB 2.0 for high speed data transfer)
  • Windows ME/XP/Vista/7
  • Mac OS 8.6 +/9.0+/OS X
  • Windows Ready Boost is an exclusive feature of Windows Vista and 7
  • N.B. Courier AES Security Edition is not Mac OS Compatible
  • N.B. Crypto Drive Mac® Edition FIPS 140-2 is not PC compatible, please purchase Crypto Drive for PC instead
  • Mac® OS X v10.0 or above

Q. What are the password requirements?

There is a High Strength Password Enforcement, which means that setting a high strength password is mandatory

Q. What is the Brute-Force Password Attack Protection?

This means that your data is automatically erased after 6 failed access attempts. The data and encryption key are securely destroyed and the crypto is reset.

Q. How will I know how many failed password attempts have already been entered?

The Crypto Dual Plus records the failed entry count e.g. if the Crypto is removed after 2 failed attempts and reinserted, the drive will resume with the 3rd attempt

Q. Will my device brake if it gets wet?

The Integral devices each have a Rugged Waterproof Design - Steel inner casing and rubberized outer casing, designed to protect the data if dropped, crushed, submerged in water, or subjected to break-in

Q. Will my Integral device be ready to use?

The Integral devices have a Zero Footprint feature meaning there is no software installation required. The device is easy to use and is pre-loaded for user with interface in 24 different languages.

Q. If I am using Integral devices through-out my company how will I know where each device belongs?

All of your Integral devices will have a “Unique Number”. This is a random 7 digit code etched onto each device. This allows records to be kept of which drive has been allocated to a specific user.


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