SurfEasy Online Privacy and Security

SurfEasy Online Privacy and Security

Introducing SurfEasy - Private and secure web browsing on any computer or network


Online Privacy. Secure Browsing. We access our online lives from many different locations, networks and computers. SurfEasy lets you take control of your online privacy and it’s as easy as plugging in a USB key.

Fast Encryption

SurfEasy’s private proxy network is designed not just to be secure, but also fast. We manage our network 24 hours a day to ensure your browsing is as fast (and sometimes faster) than unencrypted browsing.

No Ordinary USB

Inside the impossibly thin key is sophisticated hardware specifically designed for running the SurfEasy browser and network encryption software. The SurfEasy key runs faster and lasts up to 10 times longer than standard USB flash drives.

Easy Launch

Using SurfEasy is as simple as plugging in a USB. Insert SurfEasy into a compatible PC or Mac and SurfEasy will automatically launch. With your account set up all you need to do is enter your password and start browsing.

Password Protection

Your SurfEasy key is password protected to keep your personal information private. If the password is entered incorrectly 10 times, SurfEasy will automatically reset to factory settings, erasing all of your personal information.

Private Local Search

Local search results normally use your IP address to determine your location. SurfEasy never reveals your IP address to the websites you visit, so for search we’ll tell Google the city you’re in so you get local results without giving up your identify. You can always turn this off or customize the settings.

Configuration Free

No complex proxy or network settings to configure. Even inside networks that normally require special configurations, SurfEasy is designed to figure it out on its own. Simply plug in and browse.

Free Updates

SurfEasy releases regular updates to support the latest browser features and security enhancements. The updates and the encrypted bandwidth for downloading them are always free.

One Password to Remember

The SurfEasy browser can remember all of your usernames and passwords, so all you have to remember is one password for your SurfEasy Key.

Do Not Track

Some websites try to track your browsing without permission. To protect your online privacy, SurfEasy has the Do Not Track option enabled by default. You can change these settings by going to Options/Preferences> Privacy> Tracking.

International Network Locations

The freedom to browse anonymously from the location of your choice. Choose from SurfEasy’s Private Network locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Brazil. You can change your location at anytime

View the SurfEasy FAQ here

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SurfEasy Online Privacy and Security Key
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