Q. How does SurfEasy protect my Online Privacy?

SurfEasy encrypts your browsing traffic with the same encryption used by the world’s leading banks. All browsing traffic is private and secure, even on an open Wi-Fi or monitored network.

It safely stores your personal information such as web browsing history, bookmarks and passwords on your password-protected key, ensuring nothing is left behind on the computer or network and routes you’re online browsing through our Private Network, ensuring your originating IP address is kept private from the websites you visit. This keeps your online identity private from anyone wishing to abuse your personal information.

Q. How do I import Bookmarks?

To import bookmarks on to your SurfEasy device you:

  • Click on Bookmarks in the menu toolbar
  • Select Show All Bookmarks
  • Select Import and Backup

To import from another browser on the computer select “Import from another Browser” and follow the onscreen instructions. To import from an HTML file select “Import Bookmarks from HTML” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Q. Will SurfEasy allow me to avoid firewalls in order to access blocked websites?

Yes, with SurfEasy you can bypass firewalls and access your favorite sites.

Q. Is there any software installation or special configuration?

No. After the easy one-time registration process, SurfEasy can be used on any computer or network no software installation or configuration needed.

Q. What operating systems are compatible with SurfEasy?

Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6 or greater with an Intel based Mac.

Q. I have lost my password is there any way I can recover it?

SurfEasy does not maintain a copy of your password this is to protect your privacy. You can reset your SurfEasy Key to factory default settings and re-register your password by downloading the Recovery Tool.

Q. I have lost my device, Will someone be able to access the information?

No. Your SurfEasy device is password protected, so no one will be able to access your account or personal information.

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